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More health, hygiene and safety…
A better work

A unique reference in the areas of health, occupational medicine, environmental studies, physical therapy, and international health services.

The Group’s continuous development and innovation is based on a highly qualified team of health professionals; the usage of the latest technologies and adoption of a sound, customer oriented strategy, to meet their demands.

Constantly evolving, the Group continues to work towards achieving higher levels of demand and excellence.

Our business

We have a network of protocols that grants us a national coverage that, in the past years, has been extended to international, mainly in Europe in Africa.

Our technical multidisciplinary team is composed of doctors and nurses specialised in health at work and superior health and hygiene technicians, with proven experience.

At a technologic level we have a set of specific and updated equipment to the practice of medicine and health at work. This structure of means allow us to guarantee, with safety, an excellent service with extreme quality and a full attendance of the company’s real needs.



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Technical, occupational and environmental studies | Occupational noise | Workplace lighting | Thermal environment | Dust | Metal analysis | Volatile organic compounds | Building acoustics


Medical Clinic | Medical Specialties | Nursing treatments | Home Health Care Services


Medical appointments | Treatment of injured by occupational accidents | Assessment of injury | Physical therapy


Outpatient’s medical care | Medical evacuation | Training programs | Medicine and work safety | Healthcare management