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International network of specialized medical services

Design, construction and management of medical clinics  

Sepri Group is a reference in the sector and has extensive experience in the management of health facilities.

We have a network of partners and a group of entities with whom we work to enable us to respond to any situation.

Our experience is your competitive advantage

Consulting in global health services  

We are gifted with a very wide range of professionals with international training and experience. We have a thorough knowledge of the sector in all kinds of countries is the level of Europe, Africa or South America

Sepri Group’s consulting services are differentiating and contribute to high gains for customers.

We are consulted worldwide to provide services to companies and institutions.

Occupational medicine  

Types of performed tests

  •   Anamnesis (Evaluation of smoking habits, alcoholic dependency, stories of depression, sleep disturbances, panic syndrome)
  •   Physical Examination (evaluation of the Mental Health, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, etc)
  •   Blood count test (Blood Group; Blood Glucose)
  •   TGO, TGP, GGT, total cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides
  •   Urea and Creatinine
  •   RPR / VDRL (Syphilis diagnostic test)
  •   Salmonella Typhi diagnostic test
  •   Blood markers of hepatitis A and B
  •   Malaria Test
  •   Visual Acuity Test
  •   Pulmonary function Test (Spirometry)
  •   Audiometry
  •   Urine Test
  •   Intestinal Parasites
  •   Chest X Ray
  •   Electrocardiogram
OHS / Consulting Services in Occupational Health and Safety at work  
  •   Investigation and characterization of occupational accidents
  •   Risk assessment professionals
  •   Development of emergency plans
  •   Development of plans for safety and health at work
  •   Safety Coordination Work
  •   Conducting safety audits
Creation and development of formation programs and training for professionals   

SEPRI MT gives training courses, commonly requested by businesses and managers of field projects. All of our certified instructors are dedicated to teaching the skills you need to save a life.

We offer different courses which will train you to handle different life saving situations.

  •   Basic Life Support (BLS)
  •   Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  •   Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  •   Automated External Defibrillator
  •   Prevention of HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections)
  •   Medical treatment of malaria
  •   Medical treatment of insect and snake bites
  •   Biomedical Waste Management
  •   Prevention and Control of Infection in Hygiene clothing, spaces, materials and equipment
  •   Safety and Health at Work (Identification, assessment and prevention of occupational risks)
  •   Emergency medical training (basic and advanced life support and trauma) and first aid
  •   Occupational health
  •   Safety at work
Quality accreditation and certification  

In order to provide companies and institutions the best tools and efficient, effective and comfortable operating models, the certification process at the level of quality management is paramount.

At such a critical sector like health, users, companies and organizations prefer to use contractors who are properly credited and which operate obey the criteria of quality, modernity and efficiency.

An accredited and relevant certification authority is recognized and valued in the market.