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Experts on Health and Safety at Work

Sepri MT provides OHS services worldwide. With thousands of clients everywhere, we can act in any sector or activity.

The pursuit of complete satisfaction and the values of credibility, integrity and continuous improvement that guide Sepri MT’s actions and position are the foundation of the excellent relationship we intend to maintain with our clients.

Looking for the overall satisfaction of our clients, we work with companies and their employees to promote health education and risk prevention, occupational accidents and diseases deterrence, in strict compliance with legal obligations.


Our services


SEPRI MT provides services based on the principle of continuous improvement, both internally and on the clients, which reflects the well-known Deming Cycle management model which comprises 4 distinct phases in process control (planning, implementation, verification, and acting accordingly with the results) focused on problem solving, cause identification and finding the best solution.

This methodology allows developing consolidated synergies for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, which significantly enhance business competitiveness.

Thus, Sepri MT has a wide multidisciplinary team that analyses and acts upon companies systems, strengthening their market, both at commercial level and in terms of social responsibility, strengthening relationships between companies that have confidence as substrate.



Sepri MT is one of the few companies with permits for all activities.